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Relationship Red Flags

These are a list of common problem warnings in relationships. If you and your spouse have several of these, it may be helpful to you to seek a professional to encourage growth in your relationship, such as a couples counselor.

  • Past behavior in relationships (Patterns)

  • Character

  • Family of origin (degree of dysfunction)

  • Friends (how do they conduct themselves)

  • Neediness (degree)

  • Development of self outside of relationship

  • Nature of conflicts

  • Are relationship (needs) skewed

  • Sexual patterns (questionable, past/compability)

  • Values (comparable?)

  • Possessiveness (jealousy)

  • Behavior toward opposite sex (Appropriate?)

  • Number of things that you are uncomfortable about

  • Capacity for trust

  • Spirituality - if applicable

  • Demands (or lack of)

  • Involvement in dysfunctional relationships

  • Alcohol/drug usage

  • Relationship (Children)

  • Level of self esteem

  • Ability to take responsibility (in conflict)

  • Concrete vs. abstract thinking (ability, other views)

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Tolerance of others (opinion, behavior)

  • Degree of flexibility

  • Impact on your stress level

  • Amount of energy required (to deal with this person)

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