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Consulting Services

Dr. Smith provides consulting services to public safety organizations interested in supporting the utilization of behavioral wellness programs


Dr. Smith assists fire departments and other public safety organizations embrace and establish their own Peer Support Group and behavioral wellness programs. Having served as a Lieutenant on the Indianapolis Fire Department for 31 years, Dr. Smith has first hand knowledge about integrating mental health and wellness into public safety systems. His mission of getting firefighters the mental health support they need began in 1999 as a member of  the Washington Township city fire department.  He began the conversations of how firefighters can help other firefighters and hasn't stopped talking.  When that department merged with the Indianapolis Fire Department in 2006, he founded the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) Peer Support Group.


Through his research and personal experience, Dr. Smith recognized the need for a prevention based model that served everyday firefighter stress. The Peer Support Group model utilizes peer relationships  to encourage a system wide shift away from the stigma of utilization of mental health services. This system not only creates a paradigm shift in the minds of firefighters, but is also more responsive to everyday stressors that firefighters may experience and encourages them to seek preventative help. 


If you would like to learn more about Dr. Smith's Consultancy experience and expertise, please contact us.

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